About Forever Escaping Boredom:

If I have anything that resembles a mission of purpose for the label it is to put out records as diverse as the punk community itself. Punk has never represented some style of music or fashion to me, its always been about community and ideas. Ive always said if the only difference between us and them is the music we listen to, then whats the point?

Forever Escaping Boredom Mix Tape by boredomrecs

The Discography...so far 1997-2011
FEB-001: Keith Welsh {And When the Phone Rings} 7"
One man and an acoustic guitar playing indie-tinged campefire songs on a humid Gainesville night. These 4 heartfelt tunes are in the same Elliot Smith and mid/late 90's Caufield Records, yet it was pretty common to see Keith play with the likes of Culture and Asshole Parade. Sounds strange, but Florida is a pretty starnge place.
It's Keith and his acoustic guitar for four more heartfelt songs of love and loss. This record pulls at my heartstrings a lot. Three of these songs are favorites of mine from live shows, so I'm very happy this is out. - Ink19
FEB-002: The Spirit of Versailles {In Line For Halos} 7"
Sometime during the early months of 1998, I placed an ad in Heart Attack looking for stuff from the band Frail. The fellow who answered me, Tanner, was involved in a band from Sioux Falls called Copropraxia. I asked for a demo, which he promptly sent, and upon listening was completely floored by their sound. The plan then became to put out their 7, but the untimely demise of this amazing band shelved the project indefinitely. I had kept in contact with Tanner and learned he had formed a new band called, The Spirit of Versailles. After hearing the demo, it was clear that I wanted to do a 7" with this band and shortly afterwards, In Line for Halos, became FEB records second release. The Spirit of Versailles were a non-typical straightedge band, who played with the same passion as many of the great emo hardcore bands that came out of the early/ mid-90s. Around this time, I was also working with my partner on organizing a Florida fest, which The Spirit of Versailles played at. They went on to do many great things and Im glad that I had the opportunity to see them play live a couple of times. To this day, those days remain some of my fondest memories.

The Spirit of Versailles were a screamo/hardcore band from Sioux Falls in South Dakota that existed from July 1998 - October 2000. The original line up was Tanner Olsen (guitar), Eric Evenson (bass), BJ Anderson (vocals) and Matt McFarland (drums). They were a pretty amazing band who played with all the big names back in the day (Usurp Synapse, Jeromes Dream, I Spoke, Saeita) and left a pretty good legacy after them. The first thing you'll notice straight off is their vocalist.. It sometimes sounds like Donald Duck fronting a hardcore band but you get used to it! - Noise Not Music

Years ago there was an incredibly sincere band from South Dakota, by the name of DISSENT. That same feeling comes across in the music and words of other South Dakotans, SPIRIT OF VERSAILLES. The deliberation of I HATE MYSELF and 12 HOUR TURN is smacked upside its head with no more vocal chords in the morning shreiking and yelling. - Review from Tom Hopkins column "The Sound of Weeping...Continues" in Maximum Rock N' Roll #194
FEB-003: Kit!{s/t} CDEP
Kit! is a female fronted melodic punk band heavily influenced by Discount, but mixed with neo-wave dance parts. My first CD and first release after a 4-5 year hiatus.Kit! is long defunct, but thier singer is now kicking it in the indie-pop band, Cassolette.

REVIEW: The record is mid-tempo and filled with hooks. For fans of Discount and No Idea Records. It's all too tempting to compare this female-fronted pop-punk band to Discount or Tilt, but that would be selling them short because they have a wonderful and unique sound. Taking pop convention and adding in a very subtle pinch of a dance influence, they also add technical bass lines, which aren't usually present in pop-punk...I rarely fall for a band in such a rapid hook, line and sinker fashion as I have for Kit! They're just so damn irresistible. - Punk Planet #63 (notable review)
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingFEB-004: Asthma Atttaq/Dirty South Apocalypse {split} LP
Asthma Atttaq are a two piece that mix the passion of mid 90's emo with an experimental edge and some interesting guitar work. For fans of Shotmaker, Elements of Need, Sonic Youth, and Lightning Bolt.
If Hella was good, they would sound like this.- HEARTATTACK #45
Dirty South Apocalypse play dirty southern hardcore with an undercurrent of psychedelia. For fans of Damad, Darkest Hour, and Prank Records.200 on coke bottle green vinyl.

I had never heard of either of these two bands before I picked this up, but it sounded intriguing from the description on the Ebullition list so I figured what the heck. My copy even lurks within a screenprinted cloth cover. Aces! I'll deal with Asthma Atttaq first, possibly because I have been stricken with that breathing disorder (or whatever) for so many years. AA's side starts off with weird electronic experimentation, but doesn't progress that way. Once they've dispensed with that, they jam out screechy screamy emo stuff - always sounding on the verge of collapsing and falling apart. Lots of rampaging guitar and a pair of guys shrieking and so forth. The band is actually only a two piece, but they make a ferocious racket in the process, I guess not so disimilar to how Anton Boardman achieved the same results. Its all very frantic and chaotic. Good stuff. The last song starts off as really good emo stuff similar to Die, Emperor! Die! with nice twinkly bits and melodies, before it goes all haywire and spazzed. Some super pretty twinkles in this, its probably my favourite song on here.

Dirty South Apocalypse take over after that and play some appropriately dirty hardcore. It rumbles ominously with harsh vocals and big chunky roars. I am not overly familiar with this style but DSA sound good enough to my untrained ears. They are pumelling and unrelenting, never easing off the power, except for the occasional moment between tracks or when they want to get all doomy and broody. Crunch Crunch Crunch. Although - there is one track that they do totally change pace on, the last one - a slower, more emo effort that totally kicks my arse. Great stuff! Damn solid DIY hc split. Worth a look if you are into these styles I reckon! - Collective Zine
FEB-005: Asthma Atttaq {Breathe Heavy} CD
Florida's Asthma Atttaq returns with a new genre bending full-length. Having drawn comparisons as varied from Jerome's Dream to Hella to Yes, Asthma Atttaq takes the listener through a winding corridor of punk, noise, free jazz, post-rock and melds them together flawlessly from song to song.

REVIEW: It's once in a great while I will get a real gem like this album. Asthma Attaq are a spazz rock band who at times sounds like Lightning Bolt and at other times sounds like the Blood Brothers. Being able to fuse many genres is definitely one of this bands strong points and they do it quite well.- Impact Press #59

Voted Suncoast's Best Genre-Bending Act, 2005 - Creative Loafing
FEB-006: Allegory of the Cave/Spectres {split} 7"
this is a new screamo terror attack on this amazing label from Florida... if you go for all those bands ala SAETIA, early HOT CROSS... you will dig this... GREAT split 7" and amazing artwork. comes w/ handcreened covers and the record is pressed in grey/ marble vinyl - limited to 300 copies.
FEB-007: Yossarian is Drowning {s/t} 7"
Hailing from the U.K., Yossarian is Drowning plays emotional hardcore in the vein of Kaospilot, Portraits of Past and Hot Cross. On their debut E.P. the lads from Shrewsbury take aim at organized religion and those who fuck up the environment. Think screamy vocals and passionate music that alternates between aggressive riffs and hypnotic melodies. They also have a track on React With Protest's "Emo Armageddon" compilation. 100 copies on black/white swirl vinyl.
FEB-008: I Spoke {Autobiography} CD
Hailing from Canada, I Spoke play female fronted emotional hardcore/punk with a political edge. Pulling from tons of references from mid 90's emo to contemporary screamo, I Spoke deliver hypnotic melodies that build into bursts chaos. This CD contains the songs off the splits with Beaumont Hamel and Panserbjorne, plus 3 new songs. For fans of the Assistant, Welcome the Plague Year, and Reversal of Man. Features beautiful artwork by Cristy Road of Green Zine fame.
FEB-009: Belle Epoque {A la dérive - U.S. Pressing} LP
BELLE EPOQUE delivers a screaming emocore in the vein of old French emo punk bands (Carther Matha , Peu être, Rachel...) and mid-90's emo bands on Ebullition. You won't be ashamed of what they have to present you : sincere and intense screamo with passionate lyrics sung in French.
FEB-010: Cease Upon the Capitol {s/t} CD
Cease Upon the Capitol is an intense screamo band from around Nashville, Tennessee, with their best songs to date. This CD features 9 untitled songs in the vein of La Quiete, Raein, and Envy. This is a great buy for any fan of those or any other bands of the genre. Split released in the US by Snail Against Squirrel, Forever Escaping Boredom, and Sonic Dealine
FEB-011: Cease Upon the Capitol {2007} CDEP
Cease Upon The Capitol unleashes 10 new tracks (6 songs, 3 instrumentals, and a noise track) just in time for their upcoming Euro Summer tour and U.S Summer tour with France's Third Memory. If you're expecting a repeat of their last full-length you might be surprised. They're still cranking out some epic screamo ala Envy and La Quiete, but have added some shoegaze elements ala My Bloody Valentine to the mix.
FEB-012: Dolcim {Guillotine Ride} cassette
Brutal and spacey screamo from these Nashville boys. Tons of delay and insane guitar sounds create this huge wall of sound. Ex-members of Cease Upon the Capitol. For fans of Cease Upon the Capitol, Envy, and La Quiete. Cassette version of the vinyl that dropped earlier this year on React With Protest.
FEB-013: Suffix {No Matter How Fast We Run} cassette
REVIEW (CD Version): Despite hearing it during the last little bit of 2010, ...No Matter How Fast We Run is the greatest screamo release I have heard all year, and thus a big surprise for me personally. Think Daitro or Suis La Lune if they were mathier, in terms of sound -I particularly find songs like "Zombies" or "Oh, Hey Der Margie" support this notion. I look forward to their future endeavors if they are anywhere as good as this, and hope to catch them on tour.-Hearwax
FEB-014: Beau Navire/Suffix {split} 7" + mp3 download
Suffix versus Beau Navire. Midwest screams versus those of the bay... who will win? Who will lose? Two new songs from Suffix, three from Beau Navire. Suffix hail from Chicago and play screamo in the vien of Daitro or Suis La Lune ...if only they were mathier. Beau Navire hail from San Francisco and features ex members of Loma Prieta, iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook and Spectres.
FEB-015: Beau Navire/Carrion Spring/Te Lloraria Un Puto Rio/Discord of a Forgotten Sketch {4-way split} 8" + mp3 download
This small piece of wax (8") will see artists from all regions of North of America on the same disc. One canadian band, two american and one mexican who all make extreme music and who share the same ultimate goal: give it all. Features:

The Discord of a Forgotten Sketch
Carrion Spring
Beau Navire (ex Loma Prieta, iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook and Spectres)
Te Lloraría un Puto Río (ex Arse Moreira)

For fans of emo violence, screamo, modern hardcore. Limited to 500, on clear wax. Comes with a download code for a digital copy of the record.
FEB-016: You Suck {s/t} cassette
2-Piece straightedge power violence from the UK. 8 songs, 7 which wrap up in little over 5 minutes and one long ass sludge as fuck track. You can tell these guys worship Godstomper and Iron Lung. Limited to 50 in white shells, encased in a silkscreened mailer.